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Drinking coffe is an enjoyable way to start or end a day. I am not a big fan of dessert-but coffee plays a big roles, especially after meals. Ever since i started experimenting with various coffee mixes, i have found myself constanly trying to come up with ideas for a dessert drink. A scoop of vanilla ice cream♥ or just milk in your cup of coffee makes a nice creamy drink. ♥Marvelll

The combinations of choices are endless and discovering them is a lovely exercise for your taste and buds. If you love coffee and ice cream, you might want to try a classic dessert recipe i learned years ago. Put vanilla ice cream into a small bowl and sprinkle some freeze-dried coffee on it. You will be delighted with the outcome. If you top this up with a little ♥chocolate, you will have a tasty dessert. You can also use fat-free dairy products and your mixture will be just as delicious ♥!!


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